What are the benefits of Plan It Pro?

  • A step by step approach to driving business improvement
  • Third party support if you require – working to meet your needs
  • Data driven to ensure robust decision making
  • Cost effective strategic business planning for only £12.50 per month – that’s just 40p per day

Action Planning

Set business goals with detailed sub tasks that will drive your business forward. Prioritise them ensuring you work on the most important first. Tick off each sub task as you work your way through them ensuring progress in your business is manageable, assessable, and achievable. 

Be supported all the way

Plan It Pro enables you to invite a trusted third party partner to support you and keep you on track. As a guest they can add comments, holding you to account or with standard access you can invite a business partner to collaborate on the vision you are seeking to achieve. 

Financial Forecasting

Understanding the money flowing in and out of your business is crucial. By forecasting your future finances, you can have a better understanding of the impact any new strategies may have on your bottom line. This encourages strategic decision making based on actual data.