The professional platform to build your business

☑ Evaluate your businesses strengths and weaknesses at a glance

☑ Use real-time data to make strategic and targeted decisions

☑ Create tactical goals and tasks to ensure your business growth

☑ Reminders for you to take action, guaranteeing you stay on track

1 month free trial

£12.50 per month thereafter

In the ever changing world that we live in, businesses cannot afford to simply stand still. In order to thrive, any company must be responsive, overcome their challenges, seize opportunities and be forward thinking, all whilst maintaining and surpassing their current service levels.

That’s where ‘Plan It Pro’ can help!

Launched in 2021, ‘Plan It Pro’ can help your business at any part of its growth journey.

From start-up businesses that need guidance in creating their initial strategy, to helping established companies strengthen their current business plan with achievable actions, or driving reputable businesses forwards.

Whether you choose to hold yourself to account, invite a trusted partner to add their input, or let us support you as you navigate your planning journey, ‘Plan It Pro’ is the must have strategic planning tool for every size of business.

Action Planning

Set high level goals, add detailed sub tasks and set deadlines – Plan It Pro will remind you to take action

Financial Forecasting

Manage your business cashflow with forecasted financials versus actual figures.

Business Model Canvas

A quick solution to test the waters with an exportable, nine step business canvas.

‘Plan It Pro’ was conceived and subsequently developed by the Connxess Business Services team who strategically support small businesses with outsourced business management and back office services.

The Connxess Business Services team quickly realised that so many businesses struggle to bring together a cohesive approach when driving their business forward.

So many business owners write their own business plan, often because they have been told to and sometimes with a purpose. Few business owners review their plan to make sure their business is moving forward, growing, and improving and only a minority will review it regularly.

The team’s vision was to develop an app that any size of business could use to support with planning and development, and ultimately assist with growth.

Having launched in 2021, ‘Plan It Pro’ drives business improvement, and can be easily shared with third parties, in order to give a clear perception of the short, medium and long term goals.

Unlike other business planning tools, ‘Plan It Pro’ continues to develop, evolve and strengthen its capabilities, whilst ensuring that business owners can not only assess their personal progress based on their own statistics, but are also able to compare their data with other businesses of a similar scale.

Future proof your business with ‘Plan It Pro’ and start your free trial today!